Last version of TC Branch 4.3.4(phase system)

Hello friends, I just apply the updates to my database and compile 4.3.4 with lasted commits and all gilneas npc in zone was lost the phases and are now in phase 1 which i can do to fix that? (i understand that there are a change with phases system but anyone knows what i need to do?)

Also knows that spell_phase has gone, and phase_definition and transports was change but what i need to do for make work the phases again on gilneas for example?

Sorry for my english! thanks anyway!

now the update for spell_dbc are not match with dbc files…
SpellMgr::SetSpellDifficultyId: Spell 64005 has already spellDifficultyId 62166. Will override with spellDifficultyId 63716.
Some required *.dbc files (1 from 150) not found or not compatible:
Data/dbc/Spell.dbc exists, and has 48 field(s) (expected 48). Extracted file might be from wrong client version or a database-update has been forgotten.


You are obviously not following the guide on the wiki properly.

TrinityCore rev. 6d93a0a810c9 2014-06-29 17:44:32 +0200 (4.3.4 branch) (Unix, None) (worldserver-daemon) ready…

Hello Aokromes!

i was finally got make worldserver start, but with my old spell.dbc table with only 134 rows of info, because I’m lost since 06/20/2014 when i tried to update with (2014_06_20_00_world_spell_dbc) and don’t see the ALTER update for this table(spell_dbc) BECAUSE IT WAS CHANGE OR NOT? that’s where I fell in a hole! i did altered manually the hole spell_dbc table for make the update work! but then the dbc files that i got with extractors compiled with rev. 6d93a0a810c9 2014-06-29 don’t match with the values in THE NEW spell_dbc table.

at the day i still not find the update that alter that table to the same structure that 3.3.5(when i manually altered i realized thats its what happened i think), i need someone iluminate me if i missing something please!

the other big problem with this new change is that i don’t have the necesary knowledge to read the dbc files to fill the new tables phase_definitions and phase_info(i have a dbc editor but, alone and without any tuto is imposible to understand what to do for a newbie), there are a new INSERT update for this? or if no one got that info yet and i need to got it for myself how i do please at least some tell me the true path to follow!

sorry for my bad english… i would appreciate it if you help me, really thanks anyway!

Paradox i obviously are missing the INSERT update for phase_definitions, transport, phase_info, spell_dbc(this exist but also it was changed his structure and i not see any alter update, i don’t find any on 4.3.4 branch),

all this but i need someone tell what update that exist on 4.3.4 branch i missing please! because the classic error (misapplication of updates) is not my problem i think

yeah finally i got someone that think like mee, HERE IS MY QUESTION!

You need new glasses:

yes but i don’t see the data for the tables on INSERT statements(only see CREATE and ALTER statements on that update, you get my point?), tell me if there is something for fill that tables on github or i need to search for myself the data on dbc files?

still without understand you, sorry for my lack of knowledge and have to still annoying you so much!

i have the data of the old phase_definition table but i not have data for the new column phaseGroup!

Dreadii told me this : (i think that the nick on Github is Nostrider )

“the new phasing system uses PhaseId’s instead of phasemasks which means u will have to correct the phaseMasks with the phaseId’s. They can be found the dbc files.”

Why i can’t see all phases in GM state?
Ej: i use .modify phase 2 on me, then on GM mode i can’t see the npcs on phase 1!

To much questions in one thread, no one will help you in this way. Try to resolve things one by one then JUMP to next stage.

I’m looking for the wiki information for this new system, please, could you link it?.

thanks! i have been resolve for myself (i post here for other to need same answer like mee see it), i no die if none answer thanks to you anyway!

New system?

I mean phase system.

@Aokomes: link to: Sync with TrinityCore @1d210dc

I found this post you point to, only once:

in folder old/335a/tdb53to54

its only insert phaseid to tables… not how to use…