Legion item_sparse DBC decode


I have recently become interested in the SingleCore repacks, and noticed one starting for Legion.

I usually modify the database so the game is more suited to how I like to play.

There is a Legion repack, and I have unpacked the Item-sparse.db2 file, and imported it to the database, and have been trying to reverse engineer the fields, with some (limited) success.

For Trinitycore Legion, does it read items from this table?

If so, do you have a working definition for Legion?

I have this so far, but it is missing many fields, some could be assumed but I only changed what I was certain of.

Is this of any use?

Should I try and create tables from extraced db2 files?

Are they used in the Core to read from instead of the db2 files?

Thanks for reading,



Trinity 6.x branch supports client Legion 7.0.3. There’s no reason to use repacks (which we have no idea what they contain).

Start at https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Installation+Guide and come back when you do so.

I have read that guide, and the table concerned is in the hotfixes.


However, the structure of the table creation does not match the 7.03 DBC.