Licensing open source - non-commercial WoW-Based JavaScript plugins

I’ve developed a jQuery (javascript library we all know) plugin using in-game UI assets that I extracted from
The project is open source and non-commercial, just like TC… The question is, how should I license it in order to avoid a possible “take down” coming from Blizzard Lawyers?

I’ve read this already:

Looks good until I get into " [COLOR=rgb(130,184,203)]You also agree that you will not alter, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise modify the Downloaded Content. ". Hell, I think I qualify for the “disassemble” thing…

I’m not making money out of it, just like TC, I started this project for learning purposes only. I want to know if is there any way I can license my project in order to not be sued by Blizzard. I’m not pretty sure if I can use the same TC’s license… Any hint/help will be really appreciated.


The license that you pick doesn’t really matter.

I guess that your plugin falls in the category of fair use, just like a lot of other projects, fan sites and so on.

I’ve discussed it a bit on a random chat in SO: and they said that I’m screwed up, pretty much :smiley:
I trust TC people more that those devs, I’m just trying to be sure before releasing my project :smiley:


Well… wowhead is running a licence granted by blizzard, they are partners :smiley:

Blizzard kills anything that gets too much attention and contains assets from their games, not long time ago there was a Starcraft clone in HTML, it contained assets taken directly from the game in PNG format, guess what happened!.

I don’t think you’ll have problems with this one, but if you’re too concerned, you can provide a tool that extracts the assets from the game, so you are not distributing the assets directly with your package.


Never thought about that, that’s a good point. And a good plan B