Linux Authserver.exe not working

I have ubuntu installed but everytime I try to run the authserver.exe or worldserver.exe I get this error and I have wine installed on the computer. Could not display authserver there is no application installed for shared library files do you want to search for an application to open this file.


If you’re using GNU/Linux, why would you use windows exe ? You can build TrinityCore for your platform

I followed the wiki guide but the only things I get from the bin folder after building the files is exe files

To clarify things, you are using linux and you follow linux guide right ? If so, you should run executables directly through your terminal and not through wine. Can you post a screenshot of your TrinityCore bin folder ?

The wiki guide doesn’t mention Wine anywhere. Follow the Linux guide.

Thanks guys, I wasn’t paying attention to running the application from terminal like so ./authserver I was double clicking it. I guide doesn’t mention for a linux noob.

Sounds like you are learning Linux OS (and using Ubuntu GUI)…

Best to use a terminal and open it up first, then run the binaries, that way you can catch errors/warnings. Just follow the linux wiki closely.

I’m assuming you are compiling on the Ubuntu machine, right?

Thanks cdawg, yeah I am using Ubuntu to compile the sources