List of "likes" doesn't show

Two part problem:

First: There used to be a list of people who “liked” a post (for example: “Subv, Brian, Paradox and 3 others like this”) but today I got a notice that someone had liked a post and when I went to follow the thread I noticed there was no list of “likes”.

Second: When you view “Likes” in your profile, it shows a list of posts that are liked but it no longer shows who liked it. Also the button that says “received” won’t let you switch to see “given”.

Using Firefox 18.0.1 with NoScript and AdBlock (both set to allow the forums) if it matters.

Yeah I noticed this too…

permissions were cleaned up a while back, might have been during that cleanup. Will look into it in a bit.

Still broken, in case you forgot about it /emoticons/default_smile.png

Hey look! I’m on the internet! Hi mom!

I did /emoticons/default_sad.png been very busy with some business changes and work etc lately /emoticons/default_smile.png will get back in the swing of things ASAP, and fix this.

Just like you will come down and spend some time with our love child… you are such a liar.

You can fix it in the ipb admin panel, under each group member there’s the possibility to set the permission to view the likes /emoticons/default_wink.png

ofcourse, its always a perms issue, but its SUCH a low prio that you wouldn’t believe if i told you.

Low Prior
L = Let

o = Others

w = work ?

chuckle you see a tonne of others milling about with access/drive to do it?

I’d do it. Just, continously people forget that I would.

its a setting in your ACP now, notification > Notify me when someone ‘likes’ my posts

lemme know how that works out.

This part has always worked, I have it turned on since forever. The list of people liking posts made are simply never shown, as seen in the link below. I did get a notification about it, though.

EDIT: Warpten just liked this post, doesn’t show up right?

Right, it doesn’t show up. Also yes, notifications work. Although in “My Profile → Likes”, you can no longer switch between “recieved” and “given”, it’s always stuck on “received”.