Local tables bloating in size 3.3.5??

Hey there everyone, so I looked all around the web to see if anybody else has had this issue I am experiencing but i have come up empty on the search. Basically what is happening is every few days (2-3) the local_broadcast_texts and local_page_text and serveral other “local” tables are increasing in size at a rate that clearly is not normal. We always keep our DB update and have long been using trinity core with out issue, so such an issue is quite odd to us. Starting with a fresh DB is not an option because of all of our work, so i was hoping someone here could point me in the direction to find the cause of this so we can address and fix it. I appreciate any help in advance,

How big is it now? - clean seems 3.9MiB
How many rows are there? - clean seems 1946
Are there any custom rows in there?

Are you saying you have applied updates over the time you have noticed increasing? Might be that updates just added stuff.
The above values are from https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/fbaed38b5ea605e3dbd65a99835db1778ac24391

There’s only one query that uses the broadcast_text_locale table and it’s a SELECT. Those locale tables do not increase unless you change the database externally (e.g, by applying updates)…

I appreciate the quick replies, I make sure the updates are applied correctly so that there’s no duplicate data or anything like that. A better way to describe the situation, I delete the local tables, replace them with fresh stock local tables, over the course of a few days they shoot up by about 30-75mb range. the server is not using more memory then usual, (mine sits at about 950mb always because of all our custom stuff) and its not spitting any errors that would link it to that. My next question i suppose would be are our custom creatures we have added that have smart scripts and eluna scripts etc somehow filling these tables with info, again that’s just my speculation as to what it could be.

Can you say a specific table and the values of the size of it (size and amount of rows)?
Currently there is no clear single example with exact values.

The locales tables in general vary from 1KiB to 70MiB so its hard to compare with "non modified" values.
Also the memory usage is probably not directly related to the saved data. Im sure if we have exact same databases they will probably vary in size.

Its not likely any script unless you can find the table name of the increasing table in them.