Location of Databases (Character DB)

Hey folks. Just had a question thats been on my mind for the day. Racked my brain trying to think of locations. Is there a definite location in my Trinity folders and / or drive that has the location of all the character files? I’d like to back it up in case anything goes wrong. As far as backups go, whats the best folder to back up for rapid rollback in the event anything goes wrong? I’m currently having an issue that is suggested to drop the DB from my lists, but if it wipes out all characters on my server (Master), I really don’t want to have to do that without a viable backup for it. ANy guidance would be appreciated. Thanks! - JH

If you check your DB server, there should be 3 databases that contain TC data:

  • auth: useraccounts and server connection profiles (realms)
    • characters: what it says on the tin
    • world: what it says on the tin

The first 2 databases contain ‘unique’ information in the sense that it’s unique to your server, it contains everything people did on your server. The world database is the only one that you can ignore for backup purposes, as it can be reconstructed.

@Thulium - Thanks! I’ll work on it. I had the misfortune of trying to create a 335 server while simultaneously hosting a Master server. :blink: Yeah…lesson learned. Im gonna have to see if I can weed through my old DB and see if anything can be salvaged. Not holding my breath though unless anyone has any suggestions. (I didn’t have a WHOLE lot, but one character was all beefed up…) :ph34r:

My guess would be that it’s all gone or corrupted, you could give yourself a ‘safeguard’ by giving the databases a version in the name, e.g.:

  • characters-335
    • characters-master

That’s what I did with the packages I’ve made :slight_smile:

Moving forward, I think that’s the best course of action. As far as setting up 2 servers on one machine, what other precautions should I take?

You can run 2 or more TC environments on one machine. Completely separated as if they are hosted on separately. I do hourly backups and replication on my databases. Since, I have a pretty large box with bandwidth, I just do dev work on the machine, compile only taking up 8 out of the 16 cores.

This is all of course on Linux. I think Windows is a pig and just takes up unnecessary resources.

That way if there are any crashes or compile issues, the other servers are only taking 6-8 cores and no lag. The other environments have no idea that anything else is running on the same node. Also, you run screen sessions on linux. Just some tips :wink:

@CDawg - Excellent advice. Much appreciated. That sounds more and more like the setup my friend was using to run both 3.3.5 and 6.x on the same rig. And yes, he was also running Linux. Maybe I need to switch. LOL