Looking for custom spells ?

I am looking for someone who could help me out to make custom spells for my private server. I will also donate a little for the help of making the spells (only two, $25 per spell tho /emoticons/default_tongue.png ) If you are interested, then please PM me about it.

Btw the spells would be like having the abilities of some other spells in the same time. So the issue is uniting a few spells under one spell (x I think it may be so hard, thats why I suggested donations as well. I use the trinity core of Jue’s last version. (dunno if it may make the issue more harder and complicated)

Thanks for your time,

Best regards.

At a visual level it’s impossible without modifying the client, although a script could be able to cast 2 separate spells at the same time, but something tells me you’re not looking for that.

If you mean the spell would apply a different buff/debuff on a target rather than it’s original effect both the spell and the buff/debuff can be cast at the same time, no need to complicate on that. (Use EventHorizon for SmartAI scripting or a raw c++ script)