Lottery System [LUA]

Hello here is my simple Lottery system writen on LUA (for TrinityCore with Eluna engine). In that rar file are - NPC, Tables and LUA scripts. If you find some bugs tell me pls /emoticons/default_smile.png

Menus with icon BLIZZ will appear only when your character is GM on.

Basicly when you buy a ticket you make random roll 1 - 1000, also you will spend 1k gold. When time is end automaticly will be found winner/winners and they will recieve gold via mail system.

  • Reset system - delete all data from lottery

  • change time - set the time of day when to check for winners (24h not am/pm)

  • info - show information - count players atm , money , time left

  • in debug mode will check for winners every 1 min and 30 sec