Make default group loot "Free for all"

Hello everyone. Thank you for creating such a wonderful project. My wife and I loved playing wow but could not stand most of the people on the live servers. So we setup trinity core 3.3.5a on Ubuntu here and are having a blast with it. Well done! We play a priest and a pally and bot 3 in the background windows. We are trying to play within the rules and let our characters develop normally so the game lasts longer. I have a (hopefully) simple question:

  1. Is there a way to make the default group loot “Free for all” when you enter a dungeon finder instance. It is currently unchangeable and being we are running three characters in the background, we miss 3/5s of the loot in a dungeon unless we take the time to go through each window.

i doub you can do that, but you may want to try FollowFelankor addon on the background characters.

Thank you for your reply. I looked at the FollowFelankor add on, it has nothing to do with looting that I can tell but a lot to do with following…

oh i had the idea of it had reject loot option, to much time without look at it.

Its OK. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in trying to help. I will keep looking. Somewhere in the code something says “grouploot=1” and could say “grouploot=4” or the like. :slight_smile:

maybe can help, the 3.3.3 version

Is this related to the issue in the client where you can’t change the loot options? I think you can convert to a raid and change the loot type, then change back to a party.