Make loot window appear slower?

This might sound weird but it seems to me that a consequence of having a private server is that there is next to no lag with any of the in-game features. I find that when I’m looting mobs with auto-loot turned on, the loot window only appears for a fraction of a second. Is there any way to slow down the looting process in any way whatsoever?

How come you want to show the loot window for a longer time? I’m sure its coded to auto-close the loot widow when it is empty. Like even with autoloot off if u take the last item the window will close. I dont think there’s a defined time delay between items as they go into your bag if thats what you’re looking for, im pretty sure they go in your bag as fast as your pc allows. I’ve never looked into the source you could have a look but i doubt its as simple as changing some wait delay in milliseconds.

I dont fully understand what you need this for though. You may be able to make a custom looting script for the mob, where u dont loot the npc but the script is called on the mob’s death. if you want to say loot The Sword of a Thousand Truths but u want it to be dramatic and add it to your inventory. Not sure if u can put a weapon icon in the screen flash messages but they support icons, "Player received The Sword of a Thousand Truths icon " or call a gossip window, with a complete quest select your item, not sure.

Elaborate more id like to help!

Dont know much about UI development but you might be able to make a function that when a player autoloots/loots a second window pops up with all your items from the loot but slowly fades or stays open or does what ever u like. You can hide the old loot window so it wont flash during autoloot. But yea make a new loot window. This can all be done without editing client or server files. just make a ui addon!

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Yes, the loot window closes when the last item is gone (looted, by you or someone else, or the server removes it), but alas the items are gone (looted) so making the window stay there (which is an annoying issue when it does happen) isnt what you want.

The quickest win for you is install "xloot monitor" (set the rarity threshold to grey and show currency) and you can see all the loots sticky. You can decide not to actually use the other xloot stuff. This is nothing more than what you would see in the combat log of course. But that is what you already have access to.

If you want auto loot ... and you want the window to stick around with its contents. This requires a lot more than just a close window modification, you want to not remove the array of loot from the window even though it's gone ... (delay shifting off the stack) ... but if someone else loots everything (those greedy ninja looting bastards) don't listen to the events that are going to want those removed. I would advise to be wary of using an addon like this in a group as this is how people accidentally screw up raid loot (if you swapping to personal to private to retail and using same or a mix of addons)

Again, I would go with xloot monitor

Normally people want the opposite loot items that won’t auto loot to be auto looted (multiboxing issue with locking the loot table after mop), that one is easy!