Making an NPCBot attack a target?

Hi all, thanks for helping with my other question btw :slight_smile:

Im using NPCBots but cant find a way to make a bot attack a target, no command?

Also, if a mob attacks me they dont react and attack the mob, is there a setting somewhere?

If I attack something, then they will jump in and assist, but I want to play healer and direct the bots.

Im playing a Priest, with a Warrior “Tank & DPS” and a Rogue “DPS”.

Thanks again for any help,

Hey Thorium,

you can do this with using raid icons like skull on an enemy if i recall correctly. Might be the case that some additional settings are required to enable this.

Either way, i suggest to read over the manual here.

Hi Jinnai,

Yeah ive been through that manual forwards, backwards and sideways so many times.

I have a hotkey for putting a skull on first targets (tank) and a cross for second targets (dps) but nothing happens, I was expecting them to start fighting?

Ive gone through the “worldserver.conf” and found the area for bots and configs, but all there is, is a choice of what “icon” to use, priorities and nothing much else.

Ive also tried to find anything about “aggro” “aggressive” “defensive” “assist” and many others to try to find where I set bots to protect me when im hit by a mob.

But I cant find anything close to helping. That manual is very barebones and doesnt elaborate on some important things, its a shame.

Well I guess I will have to keep posting on different forums and hope someone knows.

Thanks anyway for trying your best Jinnai, you rock.