Making player spells cast faster (keeping mobs the same)


  1. Thank all of the TC community for the fun and learning opportunities here.

  2. I wanted to make players more powerful, its easy to do this with SQL queries on weapons, but that leaves the casters out of the fun. To make up for this, I found some code to modify to quicken player cast times:

uint32 SpellInfo::CalcCastTime(Unit* caster, Spell* spell) const
// not all spells have cast time index and this is all is pasiive abilities
if (!CastTimeEntry)
return 0;

int32 castTime = CastTimeEntry->CastTime;

if (caster)
    caster->ModSpellCastTime(this, castTime, spell);

if (caster->IsControlledByPlayer())
castTime = floor(castTime /4);

if (Attributes & SPELL_ATTR0_REQ_AMMO && (!IsAutoRepeatRangedSpell()))
    castTime += 500;

return (castTime > 0) ? uint32(castTime) : 0;


This isnt “fully” tested, but I thought I’d post my rough draft work here.



Why not just give out tons of haste and spellpower on gear? That buffs casters without making a core change.

Why, exactly, is this in help and support, instead of custom code?

Apparently, they are allowing duplicate posts as well…