Google Chrome reports there is malware on page 11 of this topic: from coming from a website called which is a big source of malware according to Chrome. /emoticons/default_smile.png

o.O but its just images?


lol, ofc its the images paradox posted… /emoticons/default_blink.png

the “report” links on each post are there for everyones use and ease /emoticons/default_smile.png

I can’t imagine it being malicious unless you access other parts of the site… linking images can’t be harmful…?

I just suggest removing the image from the forums to prevent trouble. I guess it’s just a website linked to fohguild, but it prevents me from reaching the page!

killed 2 images, idk if there are more.

yeah, think you got em. /emoticons/default_smile.png

linking images can’t be harmful…?

Image files can contain malware in a variety of ways. Most often they contain trojan horses used to exploit vulnerabilities in software. As far back as Windows 98 I remember jpeg vulnerabilities in software programs and patches from Microsoft to fix them. Safety on the internet is an illusion. /emoticons/default_smile.png

I’m saying an image linked through the board… how’d that possibly affect your computer?

simple, there can be malicious code INSIDE the picture, so even if you link it, the site itself is not affected but the visitor browser LOADS the picture along with the malicious code.

it happens more then you know…

tinfoil hats go!

Tinfoil hats aside it’s a good idea to eliminate security risks whenever you find them. Most people won’t be affected by such malware but it is true that infections from such things happen more than you know. Vulnerable systems can’t protect themselves from known exploits that are allowed to exist. I still have a few customers using computers with archaic and vulnerable systems like Windows ME.

the pictures were not infected in any way, the ad system (which doesn’t affect me, because, I use AdBlock and noscript addons) was compromised with a bad ad that got through, even the users of that board got so tinfoil hat about it, most of them left the forum for a newly created similar forum… some had been there over 10 years.