Many WoW Source VIP Releases

The owner of WoW Source downloaded public stuff and sell this… i do not like leecher… here the public release…,20538416/VIP_Download_Wowsource.rar/

More then 30 ViP Downloads for free !

Wow source has been online for some time!

I personally spoke with Ezoneue or whatever his name is on about the above source code, he says the source is V8, and not V9 like it states thoughout the source… He doesn’t seem to care about the V8 source at all.


Who r u guys and whos [COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]Ezoneue?

[COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]Did u rly paid for these custom patches? All of ur “vip downloads” can be easily found on github =)

that free core was open alot doors for meny people and was a gem compare with other emulators , if you wish to test before spoken how it is he was posting that in hes forum the v8 free and hes name is ozeneu