Maps Extractor - Help

[CODE]Hello guys , good night .

I’m new here and I have a problem to extract the maps and vmaps and other game files version 3.3.5a , as created the server in a virtual machine and do not have much room to pass the entire game to the folder on Linux and why I need to do this process on windows and then move the files , but can not find the software to extract the files in windows . Someone would have these updated extractors to pass me ?[/CODE]

It explains how to get them in the guide here’s the link

[SIZE=14px][FONT=arial]Thanks for your reply and help, but I own the extractors for linux and I need the windows , as if I compile for windows would have to do the whole process for windows and do not have the vb installed so needed someone just pass me the repository of extracting files for windows.[/FONT][/SIZE]