Master branch & 3.3.5 branch

I noticed when I git clone the master branch that I am trying to work with branch 3.3.5 but the wiki says pull the same link for both so how do you switch over to 3.3.5 branch in stead of getting the master branch, thanks.

Use the Checkout Branch command in git.

The links are the same, but you must select 3.3.5 in the branch selection

			[B]3.3.5 (wotlk client)[/B]

This will clone 3.3.5a branch,

this is the RECOMMENDED branch for starters.

						Repository to clone: [B][]( [/B]
							Destination: [B]C:\Trinity[/B] 
							Subdirectory to create: [B]<none>[/B]

Branch: 3.3.5
Personal Repository: Yes

Thanks Billy & CDawg

Just remember one thing. Seeing how as you are working with multiple servers, the server you need to have SQL’s updated on, will need to have git set for that particular branch, or you’ll get errors.