Master's Terrace Quest

So I’m trying to start the Master’s Terrace Quest, which is currently scripted. The script works if I call it from another script, but I wanted to try and do it with the DB as TC is apparently moving in favour of scripting via the DB.

Here is my DB entry, that I want to hook on to the spell 31114 (Spell of using Medivh’s Journal), and then to summon Medivh (17651):

INSERT INTO `spell_scripts` (`id`, `effIndex`, `delay`, `command`, `datalong`, `datalong2`, `dataint`, `x`, `y`, `z`, `o`) VALUES

(31114, 0, 0, 10, 17651, 2600000, 0, -11161.5, -1902.24, 91.48, 1.94);

The problem I’m having is with the effIndex (Including 3 and 77). I’ve tried a variety of values, all result in the same error:

Table `spell_scripts` - spell 31114 effect 0 is not SPELL_EFFECT_SCRIPT_EFFECT or SPELL_EFFECT_DUMMY[/code]

Any help? I don’t really understand the effIndex field ( But I guess that’s obvious /emoticons/default_tongue.png )

spell_scripts are deprecated. SAI is the way to do.

I assume I’d have to use source_type 6 to hook on to a spell? And this is not yet implemented.

The spell does not have script effect, but send event effect. So you need to use event_scripts (with event 10951), not spell_script

Ohhh, wow, can’t believe I missed that! Thanks. Problem solved /emoticons/default_biggrin.png