Materials tracking

There a way to set it so one can track ore and herbs at the same time? I know this is a feature with 4.x WoW and not 3.3.5a; but hoping there is a fix or custom code to enable this. /emoticons/default_smile.png

That is only client side. I don’t see how you can track both materials at the same time unless you write some addon for the client.

Nope, not even with addons, only some hacks that warden bans.

Topic answered?

Damn, I was just about to ask about this.

I supposed you could modify the DB so the nodes drop both ore and herbs. Then it wouldn’t matter what you track.

Actually Gathermate sort of does this by recording where a node is when you harvest it, you can then set it to always show all nodes. It’s not real tracking though like the OP and myself are looking for. The minimap dots show even when a node is despawned.