Melee attacks damage delay

In short, I have base for this, but I need someone to clarify a few thing for me regarding to this stuff for full and proper implementation.

Look here for details.


Fixed logic fail with spells which targeting nearby enemy (Sweeping Strikes, Blade Flurry)

Fixed logic and combat log output for triggered extra attacks


Removed support for off-hand attacks. Seems like character can only have ONE attack delayed.

Added bool parameter for CombatStop() and CombatStopWithPets() which will determine if incoming attacks should be stopped.

Added delay for creatures. As far as I tested different creature models, creatures’ attacks have same average delay as players’


Spell.cpp: moved dalyed attacks execution as they should be executed just before SpellGo and not on prepare.


Make target receive hit even on teleport and after attacker’s death (said to be blizzlike).

Fixed crash with despawning mobs.


pereodic crash ~30 sec:

Okay, seems like everything is in place now. This topic can be closed as completed.