Migrate characters

Hi everyone!

I was in a TrinityCore repack (Jeuties) and I’ve compiled myself and trying now to migrate the players characters (inventory, quests, achivements, and all) to the new mysql databases.

How can I perform this?

Thanks for the help already provided and the futures :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve try manually but inventory, equipements are not here. First login you see your old equipement but after a deconnexion they’re gone.

EDIT2: I try something I think this is gonna fix problem.

EDIT4: Ok I solved my problem you can lock the post

Glad you solved the problem and that you compiled it yourself :slight_smile:

For anyone else that is trying to convert the characters table from an existing to another TC.

I think this has been answered several times, but this has to be done via a script. There is no way to import/export from one different table to another directly with all the diverse changes. It’s not impossible, but just matching with what column goes with what.

For Example: Recently, there was a change to the main characters table where the character appearances were segmented from the “traditional” flags that used to be. You will have to do the math like I did to separate those flags out from your repack (assuming your repack table still uses the traditional columns). and that is just the beginning.