Migrating completed quests from one char to another

I suppose this is two questions in one.

I “.reset spells”, etc and now when I login to WowTLK 3.3.5A I get “can’t speak that language”

I have a macro that selects a language and then I can talk normally… or I can just choose a language. What language is my char/client trying to use?

I cleared my account/cache in my client. Only new chars work.

I then thought, I can’t solve this, all I can do is “select” a language every login… I can’t even use GM commands until i do.

So, perhaps make a new char and “copy” the quests over… I’ve no idea how I might do this.

Any help?

I managed to fix the issue with language.

I reset all my spells, and then .learn all my default

I would skill like to know how quests are stored in the DB for future migrations though. :smiley: