Missed hook

As we can see WorldScript struct haven’t OnWorldUpdate only OnUpdate which has outdated.

[CODE]diff --git a/src/server/game/Scripting/ScriptMgr.h b/src/server/game/Scripting/ScriptMgr.h

— a/src/server/game/Scripting/ScriptMgr.h

+++ b/src/server/game/Scripting/ScriptMgr.h

@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@

     virtual void OnShutdownCancel() { }

     // Called on every world tick (don't execute too heavy code here).
  •    virtual void OnUpdate(void* /*null*/, uint32 /*diff*/) { }
  •    virtual void OnWorldUpdate(uint32 /*diff*/) { }
       // Called when the world is started.
       virtual void OnStartup() { }


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