Mmaps_generator not runing

Hi all
I was trying build project on Mac OS
my environment :
Mac OS - 12.6
XCode - 14.2
Branch - master
WOW client - /Applications/World\ of\ Warcraft
Trinitycore - /Applications/Trinity/TrinityCore
data , bin , etc , lib are all in the Trinity folder

my steps :
1.Build project ā†’ Success , also check the bin folder has all I need

2.Extract maps

cd /Applications/World\ of\ Warcraft
mkdir /Applications/Trinity/data 
cp -r dbc maps /Applications/Trinity/data


mkdir vmaps


/Applications/Trinity/bin/vmap4assembler Buildings vmaps 
cp -r vmaps /Applications/Trinity/data


BUT last step to handle mmaps was very strange

mkdir mmaps
cp -r mmaps /Applications/Trinity/data

When I run the mmaps_generator

it shows log

TrinityCore rev. fe726830f4eb 2023-03-09 00:45:26 +0100 (master branch) (MacOSX, Release, Static) (MMAP generator)

<Ctrl-C> to stop.\n

No such file or directory

What does it means ?
I check the folder mmaps was exist , and the mmaps_generator exist too

What did I miss ?

But I have no problem on 3.3.5

This is so confuse me

BTW , if Iā€™m trying to run the run the
How should I set the CLIENT_DIR and SERVER_DIR ?

Thanks for any kindly reply