MMaps - where are the dimentions of the agent defined?


I’ve been checking mmaps a bit, and I noticed that on Blade’s Edge Arena (Circle of Blood), I can’t seem to get NPCs to cross over the rope

I think it might be because of the dimensions used for the agent (by agent, I mean character, unit, player), though, I can’t seem to find where they are defined or used at all

So, does anyone know where they are? I also checked all of the interaction between the unit and the pathfinding process, and I’m quite sure that whatever parameters are used for the agent dimensions, they don’t really reflect the unit in question

Edit: Oups, I think I found them, though not too sure.

const static float BASE_UNIT_DIM, @buildMoveMapTile

an offmesh connection is the proper solution in that case, the rope is just too small for any valid unit dimension.

Ah indeed, that would solve it. Though, can’t see a way of interpreting those small connections as a offmesh