Moved Posts Result in "Sorry We Can't Find That"

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of notifications that “Aokromes has replied to a topic you’re following” and when I click on the link provided it brings me to an error page:

Sorry, we couldn’t find that!

Is there any way for the forums to be a bit smarter and actually redirect you to the new post instead of just bombing? I know in my case it’s because I’ve replied to a post related to SQL import issues which has been moved / merged into another thread. I wonder though if the people actually making those posts won’t be able to find them and instead create a whole new topic.

In the early days when I was an “SQL Dev” and Brian had given me moderation privileges, there used to be an option to “leave a link to the original post” but I don’t think we used the same forum software back then.



I’m not blaming Aokromes specifically, it just so happens he’s the one in my notices /emoticons/default_tongue.png

It’s very likely the merged topics into the big threads, the typical ones of people having problems with db structure or compile or maps/vmaps/mmaps problems xD

Yes, that’s correct. In older versions of the forum software there was a checkbox next to the move button that turned the old topic into a link to the new topic so when you opened the old one it simply said “This topic has been moved to …” instead of “sorry we can’t find that”.