Movement Maps (MMaps) for Trinitycore <official branch>

We are looking for testers to test the official branch of mmaps for Trinitycore, our plans are to merge it into master on 1 month or month and half test it, report bugs or create fixes for it.

TrinityCore/TrinityCore at mmaps · GitHub

It’d be nice (since it’s “legal”) to have the extracted mmaps for download. Since it takes AGES to extract and that could keep people away from testing.

PS: If the mmaps from the official branch are the same from I’m halfway through extracting them. Will upload if compatible.


I can compile those and let it run on dedicated debian machine (intel i5, 16 gigs of ram, 2x 450gb sas drives, i have no use for it now) for public testing purposes.

Last time that i was fooling with mmaps (around a week ago), extraction took around 6-8 hours (dunno exactly cause i went to sleep). anywyas its not a problem even if its going to run 48 hours.

A plan! Seriously, thanks for posting this.

If there are changes that require extracting new mmaps / vmaps / etc please post that here so people who don’t watch the tracker closely know to update the required maps. Also, if the Windows extractor(s) require running an .sh script it would be nice to have detailed instructions on what needs to be installed and how to extract them properly. I prefer to extract my own maps but I want to do it correctly and know they’re not the source of problems.

@Zaranthos you need to re-extract the maps (with tool of mmaps branch). It have no script, you need to start “mmaps_generator.exe” in a command line : “mmaps_generator --threads x” (the default is 3)

a .sh in windows is major fail, should be .bat or .cmd

Looks nice, gonna test it tomorrow /emoticons/default_smile.png

Server Uptime 2 days, max players 10, no errors yet.

what is differents between master and mmaps branch

Master doesn’t have mmaps (yet). mmaps is a work in progress and that branch is available for testing, bug reporting, and regular use if you so choose.

Yay! Finally a request for testers (I know I’ve bitched about this sort of thing before)…

Can I make a small suggestion?

In order to get useable bugtesting results and not just “Works!”, “Good!” or “Woot!” you might want to put a brief description of what MMaps is supposed to provide and a small bullet list of what you want people to test. For example:

We’re looking for people to test MMaps in preparation for a push to the main branch in approximately 1 month. MMaps is an improvement over the normal maps which aims to provide better pathing for the AI. During your testing, please focus on these issues:

[ul][li]Do mobs bounce up / down hills[/li]
[li]Do mobs get stuck on obstacles (trees, buildings, etc)[/li]
[li]Does it interfere with or improve pets in battlegrounds (LOS)[/li]
[li]Does it interfere with or improve mob AI in instances (LOS)[/li]
[li]Does it increase load on your machine (please provide OS, CPU, RAM, etc.)[/li]
[li]Any other problems not specifically listed[/li]

As always, please be as detailed as possible:

[ul][li]What were you doing[/li]
[li]Where were you[/li]
[li]Grouped or Solo[/li]
[li]Race / Class combo[/li]
[li]Number of players online[/li]
How many in your immediate area (same zone)

[li]OS, RAM, CPU[/li]
[li]Can you reproduce the problem easily or does it seem random[/li]
[li]What (if any) patches / mods / customizations are you also using[/li]

[ul][li]Try disabling these and testing again[/li]
[li]Report results from both tests (with / without mods)[/li]

Thanks and have fun!

  • Trinity Dev. Team

Again, just a suggestion so you might actually get decent results instead of a bunch of cheering from people that only tried it for 5 minutes and just want it merged already.

Took me about 80 miuntes to extract the movement maps, don’t really see how that is a “long time”.

really? took me about 8 hours.

Anyway, where is the mmaps-bugtracker?

One thing that has to be done is, that mobs which can’t find a way to the player (e.g. your standing on a hill where no one can get, or you’re flying) evade after a short time.

I don’t know how it is on blizz, but i could not image, that you “pull” all mobs when flying over the map…

On retail on a lot of places the mobs wallclims if they can’t reach you on conventional ways /emoticons/default_tongue.png


I thought of the dungeon “The Occulus”. When you cast with the Drakes on mobs on the plattform, they would walk to the edge and bug. Easy to kill with the drakes.

An evade would be handy in this case…

On retail when flying over the map you won’t aggro any mob that is melee only. They will stay in position and won’t mind you unless you land.

year, but what if you could attack from the air (vehicle)?

I know mmaps will take care of this, But there is an easy fix for that.

why would you? wouldn’t that be kind of un-fair (speaking pvp wise)

Could you guys take the bug reports and put them in a single post here please? thanks.