multi gossip options

I am using Event Horizon with SmartAI. I’m trying to set it up so that my NPC has 2 gossip options (done) and will do/say things depending on which one you choose. Currently I can only seem to get one gossip option on it to work. Does anyone have an example I can compare against to see where I’m going wrong?

Bump. Anyone know how?

Yes, you need 2 events first with first gossip option and second with 2nd gossip option. For example on first gossip option you link actions with it and on 2nd gossip option you link other gossip actions with it. Or you start action list with each, but maybe you already tought that so give your script here to point mistake.

What Trista said, also did you define the 2nd param of SMART_EVENT_GOSSIP_SELECT? The ID of the gossip?

Show code and we can take a look at what is wrong with it.

Just a heads up : if you are writing a patch and don’t understand a function / class / etc, then post here or to post incomplete fixes.

You must post the full patch/fix when requesting help for a patch/fix. Any help request without full patch/fix will be closed. Thank you.