Multiple Creatures For Single Quest Goal

Is there any way to specify that 2 or 3 different creatures can be killed to meat the criteria of the quest objective? For example, one quest requires something to be killed, but it’s not actually a creature, it’s a group of creatures. I then want to be able to reward each kill towards the general goal. So if they kill creature 1, they get 1/10 something creatures, if they then kill creature 2, they get 2/10 something creatures.

I’ve not managed to work it out or find any info on here about it.

That can be done via SAI.


ow! It’s quest! you’re right.


Make a new kill credit “dummy” template then SAI with an on death script for creature kill of the “dummy” Template.

Bliz does this all the time.

KC1 can be found in sniffs afaik

kill credit is wdb data.

WDB and sniffs and I never saw it being used

IIRC one quest on nagrand uses it, the one killing mobs at kil’sorrow fortress.