My "maintain a remote fork" guide has vanished

How To: Maintain A Remote Fork For Pull Requests

I got a PM from Guybrush who was updating the readme on Trinity’s repo but he said the link is 404. Sure enough, it doesn’t exist. It also doesn’t show up in “My Content” nor does it appear in a forum search.

It’s been around for over a year and it’s still the top 2 results in a Google search and also linked to in Google Groups. Four days ago I linked to it in this topic, where did it go?

If someone deleted it, a PM would’ve been nice so I could copy it for reference.

I merged it into git commands to reduce the amount of pined threads.

you have to use redirects, we cant just delete older topics especially with google results.

¿you can redirect a merge? afaik, no.

not retroactively anyways, however I added a 301 redirect via apache so it shoud lead to

+KingPin, +Aokromes

IMO those threads shouldn’t be merged.

One is a guide about TortoiseGit, the other about commandline. Now when a user has a question about one method, they have to wade through posts of unrelated information about the other method.

That’s like merging a thread about driving cars with a thread about flying planes because they both use a similar underlyng component: fuel.

If you want less stickies then you should implement the “Guides” subforum I suggested months ago. Then you wouldn’t have to combine vaguely related threads and people could browse them at their leisure.

Or +KingPin can allow users (or at least approved users) to make new pages, as was mentioned in April.


+MrSmite or you could use the rather expansive and very well made system we use for our wiki.