My worldserver and authserver wont open

I’m at a loss!



Ah so my trinity is outdated?

You installed core for The Lich king expansion but put database for LEGION!

DUHHHHH omg thanks guys! lmao

how about this error now? (rebuilt reading every instruction twice)


NVM fixed by relaunching the script a few times till i got the quarrying prompt



new error


truncate world, character and auth databases and leave core the job of import them, don’t manually import them.

Ok, so how would I go about this? Just reinstall the DB and let it run?

Figured it out, dropped the DB and let the worldsever do it. Same error.

git pull and compile again.

if git pull is the same as clone then ive done that over again already.

Still getting the same error, any ideas?

First off there is no way you are clearing the whole thing so you need to force complete one and you need to just delete your whole database and I mean everything then let the server update the SQL for you.