Mysql Client libraries and Mysql Server version not the same

The mysql client library is version 5.7.29 but my MYSQL server version is 5.6.24. Is this an issue? I can still run the servers fine but how do I make the MYSQL server version 5.7.29 too?

This is for Mac OSX Catalina

You need to upgrade everything to 5.7.x

ok thanks. do you happen to know how to upgrade it? I use home-brew. The odd thing is that I have already installed mysql 5.7.29 so i don’t know why when the authserver starts up it says it is using the old mysql.

I’m not a Mac user so I can’t say for certain if the process is the same, similar though I imagine.

Basically I exported my databases out of 5.6 - uninstalled 5.6 - installed 5.7 - imported databases - copied new mysql lib files to my Trinity folder - upgraded cmake and VS to the latest - did a fresh compile - copied new auth and world server files to my Trinity folder and fired it up.

So far so good.