MySQL executable not found?

So I got my MySQL on one computer, and my VS/Git/CMake on another.

I pull, CMake and compile in VS on 1 computer, then copy the Release files to my server.

My problem is that my worldserver cant find the MySQL executable.

In the revision_data.h file I can see that it says: R"(MYSQL_EXECUTABLE-NOTFOUND)".

I dont have MySQL installed on my compile computer, only the .lib files.

How can I make it see the MySQL executable?

Do I really have to install MySQL on the computer where i compile, for it to be able to know where to find it on my server computer?

The server gives an error when you start it up? What is the exact error message?
From what I know you do not need mysql on the compiling computer as long as you have the libs.

How did you install your mysql?
Have you tried in cmake when you compile to set the path of your mysql exe on the other computer?
Tick the advanced box and you can find the MYSQL_EXECUTABLE variable and give it a path like C:/Program Files (x86)/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.6/bin/mysql.exe
or similar where ever the mysql exe is on your second computer.

I have just solved it.

It dident know the path because it could not find it on the compile computer.

I copied the MySQL/BIN folder with the MySQL.exe to the same place on the compile computer as it is on the server computer.

Now it knows the path when i move it over to the server computer.

I got a proud moment.

Ive managed to setup both a 3.3.5 and 6.x server on the same computer, with them running on Hyper-V VMs.

Im totally clueless when it comes to programming, and i have never tried anything with VMs. But its working :smiley:

Compiles on the “base” computer, and then runs on VMs.

Good feeling when it all works :slight_smile:

I bet its possible to run 2 databases on the same MySQL, but I dont know how to. Thats why i went with VM solution.

You could just use different DB table names. Thats it.

you known on conf files you have a way to set path to mysql.exe?