MySQL Server 5.7

What are the chances that MySQL server 5.7 will be included anytime soon? I am just wondering.

when mysql guys fixes their issues.

Thank you.

You really do not want 5.7 due to many security issues
For starts there is a backdoor right into your sql server that anyone with any knowledge of it can exploit which is not just limited to your sql server but actual access to all data
one of the newer things is SSL issues that allows intelligence agencies into your system.
It seems they plug one hole and open an other with the patch to plug the previous issue
Then we go to the performance … we wont mention all the issues there
Please dont rush to move your core over to 5.7 you are asking for big issues because 5.7 is a mess and a lot of people dont even realize it
I miss the orig MySQL pre oracle they totally fubared the new release and continue to do so with each patch -.-

MariaDB 10.1 works very well with TC, but it’s not official supported though.

Maybe it’s an alternative to MySQL 5.7 for you…