[MySQL] Ubuntu 18.04

Hi there.

I recently had to do various systems upgrades, and me being stupid, i ended up updating the mysql server i had installed to 5.7.25.

This leds to trinitycore not running due to incompatible versions. However, I am unable to re-install version 5.6

sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.6 appears to be gone, and now refers to 5.7, according to my terminal. Am i missing something? I tried manually download it from their site, and installing the depdencies 1 by 1, but its a huge pain and so far no success.

Anyone have the correct approach?

As when i follow the linux requirements on the wiki, it re-installs 5.7.x

thanks in advance

MySQL over 5.7 is UNSUPPORTED, you will need to patch TrinityCore sources to make TrinityCore work over MySQL 5.7.

OVER not 5.7 and over.

MySQL 5.7.25 works fine for me, you just need to rebuild worldserver to use latest library after the upgrade (that’s probably the incompatibility message you received)

im sure MySQL 5.7.26 is suppoerted ,

I first to started worldserver ,some err happened,

but when i changed @@global.sql_mode ,everthing is ok.