Name is Unavailable

Me again.

Fresh DB install, brand new server set up, able to log in, getting “Sorry, that name is unavailable” for literally every name I type in character creation.

Random name seemed to generate character, but still threw the same error. Able to log in and do everything with that character no problem.

Also, how do I set the realm name? I can’t seem to edit the value for it in SQL.

Any ideas?

You sure that you are connecting to the right server (realmlist)?
What examples of names are you trying and what branch are you using?

You can change the realm name in the realmlist table of the auth database.

Yep, it’s the correct server, 3.3.5 branch, brand new install, any name of any length that is typed in returns “That name is unavailable”. I’m debating deleting the characters DB and reinstalling, but I’ve finally got it all working, so I’m a bit scared to :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured out the name change, I was typoing part of the query. >.<

EDIT: I have re-compiled and am starting over from scratch. Since I know what to do for the set up, it’s going faster, I will report if I still encounter the same issue again.

EDIT 2: After re-compile I can confirm, randomized names are allowed, but if you attempt to create a character name, it will not work.


Any ideas? controls allowed character sets in names, check that