need c++ help for VIP system


something is wrong with end of script so i get some error.

void AddSC_npc_vipmaster()


Script* newscript;

newscript = new Script;

newscript->Name = “npc_vipmaster”;

newscript->pGossipHello = &GossipHello_npc_vipmaster;

newscript->pGossipSelect = &GossipSelect_npc_vipmaster;

if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_VIP_ESCORT)) // We only need to use CreatureAI, when the EscortAI is enabled,

newscript->GetAI = &GetAI_npc_vipmaster; // because we only use the EscortAI from CreatureAI /emoticons/default_smile.png




c2061:syntax error:identifier ‘script’

c2065:‘newscript’:undeclared identifier

somebudy knows how to fix it :\ ?

The script is like one year old or older or something …

Its not going to work.

Post the whole script.

VIP scripts are unsupported here.