Nerf / buff specific spell

Hello once again community! Thanks for all ur help so far, it’s really appreciated… I’ll pull out another hand to get caught! …

So my problem is that I can easy buff / nerf a creature npc through World.conf and edit the rates on HP, AP damage, melee damage and so on... Look at: Uploaded Images to see an example!

So my question is am I able to burf nerf specific creature spell to do less / more dmg and how so? 
An example could be Razorscale's Devouring Flame!  :) 
Thanks guys


@CDawg @Ibeatdungeon you got a solution for this?

I believe that the spell.dbc for 64709, 64734 are pretty fixed without modification, like any other spell. I don’t think you can mess with that in spell_dbc and get that to change for client interaction stuff.

I also I don't know a way of:


You could easily change the fight parameters and make the Razorscale cast the spell more or less frequently.

You could always drop different spellids entirely instead 64709, 64734 of like Elder Moonstones 21745 or something.


You can actually edit the DBC files by hand to add, delete, or edit any abilities, however you will also have to create a patch for the client side to understand those changes.

For example on my server I changed blizzard, rain of fire, and hurricane to have cast times instead of being a channeled spell.

Stoneharry made a very easy to use spell editor exe to help people