New ban Method: Ban a Machine

Storing some sort of data about a person’s Computer and controlling their access to the server(aka: banning them)

IPs can change, surely accounts and usernames can change, but your home pc? nah,

Is it in anyway possible to implant such a feature in the project?

I really don’t know the limitations of the WoW Client, I tought it’s not possible up untill lately but I read somestuff about Client Cache and stuff like that which made me curious to ask,

then you mean on MAC adres, however even there are ways to bypass it to fake it /emoticons/default_tongue.png but the most normal person will not get that.

I love the way if thats possible…

Yes exactly that, But it lookts like it’s not possible with the current client and core limitations,

The blocking part can easily be accomplished with a decent routerboard, I’m just looking for a way to find out an active live socket’s MAC address now to block it(also possible with the router, not the core),

MAC adress aren’t distributed by tcp/ip protocol.

Yeah you are right, and no other actual unique hardware info comes even remotely close to being shared over the Internet, so the idea dies here, Not possible :expressionless: