[New Command] <Dev> Tag

Arcemu has a Dev tag command and it is possible and the player flag for it is already defined in the TrinityCore source.

Here is a scripts that will tell you what I am talking about:


.developer on

Would add the Dev tag (overwrites GM tag). It would not need to add anything else than the tag ingame.

Many thanks /emoticons/default_smile.png will be helpful

Oh sorry … umm

This forum is for the discussion and development of C++ scripts that you would like to see included in the core.

So I am requesting this sort of command to be added to trinitycore.

Contact trinity developers then o-o

I sugest you to create a pull request on tracker with it.

Isnt that only for patches?

I cant make a pull request without having something changed.

Could add the script to custom script folder though…

And if you didnt notice, it is not a patch in the main post, or anything like that.

It is just an example of how and what.

Very nice!

It would be nice if you make a pull request, adding the script to scripts/Commands (not Custom)

{ "developer",	  SEC_PLAYER,		 true,   &DevTagWorldCommand,		"", NULL }

Also, you must modify the third variable to false, since the command should not be executed from console, and it could be allowed only for mods ou gms.

I could make a pull request with you as the author if you allow me to.

Sure, go ahead. Its a request afterall.

And the final code in the core will look a lot different.

Done: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/pull/3160


Nice script :3

Changed it a little bit and made a new pull request:


And it was already merged. Thanks Shocker