New Dev

Hello. I recently decided to help Dev a team working on a World of Warcraft MoP expansion. Now, I know C++, I’ve known it for years, however I just can’t seem to understand the Library and how all of that stuff works.

For example, we have one problem where Faerie Fire’s Armor Decrease debuff only activates, but not the actual Faerie Fire debuff itself. However, the Faerie Swarm works perfectly. I have compared both scripts and have looked into both of them and can’t find a single difference other than the actual “slow” mechanic on Faerie Swarm. Would this be a problem in the Database where I could just fix it quickly? Or what? I just can’t figure it out.

I was just hoping someone could clear up any confusion I’m having because I’ve never really worked on a project with a Database/Separate Library or anything like that. Anyway, thank you for the help!

bump ffs

we don’s support and we never will support mop, soon™ 3.3.5a and legion will be the only supported versions.

Yeah, but seriously, you can’t answer a simple question? I don’t want you to fix the bug, I want you to tell me where I can learn to fix the bug…

are your sources available somewhere ?

We appreciate your wish to contribute. TrinityCore has got a few places to seek information regarding how to contribute:

[ul][li]6.x :[/li]
[li]The wiki pages: ( &[/li]
[li]IRC:[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)] in the #Trinity[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)] channel ([/li]

Feel free to open new issues for “SQL only” fixes or Pull Request (PR) for C++ fixes (including SQL files used together with C++ changes).