New Devs list "more the merrier edition"

hello everyone, please help me welcome a list of new dev to the team, they have been working on various things around the core by providing code, pull requests and otherwise being generally helpful where possible and we feel its time they gets a bump from pull requests to push access As you all know we are sorely lacking dev man power, and this addition will help us in many aspects.

without further ado and in no particular order : +Pitcrawler +Gacko +Trista +Warpten

Do you feel you can contribute? please make pull requests on github, its the quickest way to get noticed and invited as a contributor / dev. thank you.

Warpten? We’re fucked.

On a more serious note, congrats everyone. /emoticons/default_smile.png

The mayans were right /emoticons/default_ohmy.png

Great news, “¡Felicidades a todos!” (congrats everyone)

I love good news, and I think this qualifies. Welcome aboard.

Grats people, beware of KingPin.

OMG with these new guys in i might as well retire, damnit!

Congrats everyone!

I’m not too familiar with Gacko and Trista but Warpten and Pitcrawler… it’s about time.

Congratz, people.

May the future bring tons of updates from you /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

Don’t let the +KingPin bite you…

Congratulations everyone /emoticons/default_smile.png

It’s always nice to see more people being added as devs, Congratz!

Congrats /emoticons/default_smile.png

my condolences.

j/k welcome and congrats.


I’ll take the opportunity to re-use this topic to announce a new dev.

Welcome to the jungle team!, Joschiwald (


Congratulations to +Kirkhammett! May his fixes be fierce and his noob-bashing merciless.

Welcome Trisjdc to the staff.