New Project (Still Trinity)

I am working on a custom DB project to make all 60/80 content properly support level 70, so let’s say you want to do Scholomance…You’d have to be level 70, all dungeons/raids are to be level 70 minus level 1-58 dungeons.

I am a bit lazy today, I’ll post more tomorrow. < Project link.

How are you going to retune mob health and damage? Many will be casting spells that do level 60 or level 80 damage.

Well, most of the 60 mobs are bugged and hit for 2-6k a hit with certain spells (Prophet Skeram is a great example), bosses like the Lich King hit for %s in some cases. Other mobs can be edited via C++, and some DBC. DBC editing will be a last resort though , seeing as Trinity doesn’t support it.

Also, melee damage and mob health is a simple simple simple fix with minor DB edits, check out the git page (Before you ask why I have so many statements under Scholomance instead of a mass update, it’s because it looks cleaner to me.)

What are you going to do with crafting? Cap it at 375 or go up to 450 with the level-80 gear?

It’ll go up to 450 with the level 80 gear being equivelant depending on where you get it.

Example: Learned by teacher-> ZG gear

Dropped by end-game boss/mob->The raid it drops


If you really need to talk to me, you can add iamaturtlehehe on skype by the way.

Also, the remade items don’t require a dbc patch.

I’m going to be interested in your level-flattening techniques as that is part of what I am eventually planning to do, on a larger scale. Right now, I am flattening professions. Good luck!

You should help contribute, or atleast add me on skype. You seem cool and someone I’d like to go to for opinions. =o

Any opinions on this?

I don’t get the point in this, is it for an instant level 70 server?

No, it’s a learning project to test how the database works (I also like to see good stuff implemented aswell :3)

I don’t support private servers

I ESPECIALLY don’t support instant 70 servers.

to learn how the database works when you shovel a bunch of shit in it? I still don’t get the point.

I think he wants to squish all of the end-game content from Classic, BC & LK to the same level cap. That gives capped players 3x more content to screw around in.

From someone with such high standards to the point of saying that “whole 3.3.5 is a big hack”, your commits leave something be desired, Showstopper

This is SQL for now, there is no such thing as a hack in SQL. =]

Is this planned to be like a “raiders conversion” of the game, where all the dungeon drops are scaled to level 70 also?

Ofcourse! Every dungeon and raid (Even PvP systems will get appropriate changes) will have redone items without requirement of a DBC edit =D!

No such thing as a hack in SQL my ass.

Kay, gimme a hack example that doesn’t involve questing/scripts. GoGoGo

changing any wdb fields to anything other than what the wdb says.