New targettypes for SAI

So i was wondering if someone with some experience in Cpp could add a targettype for a few for the SAI, basicaly what i mean is.

Currently theres target_type_player_range and look alike stuff. can someone make a targettype that targets only dead players / creatures and / or a targettype that targets only living creatures / players. especially the dead and alive player type check would be VERY useful and i suppose someone who knows about Cpp (which i dont) could add it within a day of coding /emoticons/default_smile.png

Ps: please move the topic if its in wrong section, im new to those forums!

Yes, I would love to have an SAI option to target dead creatures/players. I need my carrion birds to clean up dead mobs!

Sounds like a good idea, would help fixing many issues. Not sure about the “could add it within a day of coding” part though.

only dead players / creatures and / or a targettype that targets only living creatures / players.

You can use a condition for that…


or/ and


… to use every existing sai target types.

uhm yeah i tried that part, thing is that when i use that it doesnt do the event at all. could u give a working example etc?

SMART_TARGET_CLOSEST_CREATURE can filter alive(0)/dead(1) creatures.

I think a new targettype SMART_TARGET_CREATURE_RANDOM would be useful.


No matter which one is used every creature within range that matches creature_template.entry will be hit.

SMART_TARGET_CREATURE_RANDOM should pick a single creature within range.

So it should use target_param1, target_param2 like SMART_TARGET_CREATURE_DISTANCE.

Or we could add a new column named target_maxaffected

@Subv This would be even better.

What about SMART_TARGET_RADIUS… it uses same effect as SMART_TARGET_POSITION except that in Target_param1 you write lets say 10 yards and it will do the attack somewhere within 10 yards of that position