No loot on boss after code implementation

Yo guys, first at all, i’m posting this on this session cuz i’m 90% sure that this is a oficial core code “issue”.

I was using a script for yogg saron and everything was going fine until some guy pointed that yogg saron was entering phase 3 with 100% of his HP (should be 30% of the max value).

Reviewing the code, i came out with this:


                if (Unit *pSara = me->ToTempSummon()->GetSummoner())


                DoScriptText(SAY_PHASE3, me);

  •       uint32 health = me->GetMaxHealth();
  •       me->SetHealth((health * 30.0)/100.0);
                  DoCast(me, SPELL_YOGG_SARON_TRANSFORMATION, true);
                  events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_LUNATIC_GAZE, 15000, 0, PHASE_3);
                  events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_IMMORTAL_GUARDIAN, 8000, 0, PHASE_3);
                  events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_SHADOW_BEACON, 45000, 0, PHASE_3);
                  if (getDifficulty() == RAID_DIFFICULTY_25MAN_NORMAL)
                      events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_DEAFENING_ROAR, urand(5000, 7000), 0, PHASE_3);

After that, i engaged the boss and managed to kill him, and the lines added up there did their work…partially.

The problem is, not only yogg, but every boss will not drop his loot if he have that lines on some part of their scripts.

I thinks there’s something on the core that make a “check” on the damage done to bosses (or maybe all mobs) that if the raid/player doesnt do more damage equal to X% of the mob max health, the raid/player wont be eligible for the mob’s loot (i also remembre that there’s some particular code that does that on hyjal scripts to prevent players from getting free loot from mobs killed by mobs).

Well, that’s it, any help will be apreciated /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

I sugest you to look the script of

Thank you so much aokromes.

[CODE]uint32 hp = me->CountPctFromMaxHealth(30);

if (hp) me->SetHealth(hp);


Just did the same that was written on murmur’s code and everything went fine /emoticons/default_biggrin.png