NPC add command

When I use the .npc add command it works just fine, when I am adding a npc that is from expansion 7.2.0 it works on most npcs but I noticed when I add some it repeats the command like nothing is there so not sure if something is not complete or if something is wrong with adding npcs, but when I check it is the right entry and the npc is there so not sure what is going on there. The other thing I noticed was the level of the npc on most are set okay but some are set to 0 but when it loads the server the stormwind royal guards are level 110 but when I change the number to something like level 1 it goes up one to level 111. So I was wondering does the client do that now on some or is there something different in the code of npcs, thanks.

The client doesn’t do anything. This is all server based commands and entries. The npc add command will only spawn what exists in the creature_template table. So if you make adjustments to the npc, it may default +/- to what that is set.

As for the npc that don’t show up, could be a lack of npc entries in the db, incorrect information, a different phase, etc…

I have only played around with 7.x TC. I mainly stay within my 335a world :slight_smile:

Well if we don’t ever wonder into 7 we will never have it fix that is why I look into it but I am just glad to know it’s something going on and not just me thanks cdawg