Npc Respawn Announce

Hi guys.Iam try find script for when npc with id 1234 respawn do announce like "Megaboss back to life.Prepare yourselves to battle!"But cant find it.Can someone give me link(if have) or make it for me if it possible?For better message about respawn in the center of screen

Instead of making a script that announces on creature spawn (which can be hard / impossible due to how maps are unloaded)
Incase an NPC will respawn if no one will see him, you could make just a timed message.

If the creature respawn time for example is one hour.

You can make a timed event on death that will notify all players in one hour that the NPC is spawned.

I think it should be thread safe anyways to edit a “global” variable, since no map thread and world update will run at the same time ever.

See this:

I personally think using an event map to handle such a simple one event is maybe useless, but I see the devs disagree. Or seems so to me.

you can get all playeres or sessions… from sObjectAccessor and you can send a mid screen message with player->GetSession()->SendAreaTriggerMessage(“creature spawned”);