NPC Vehicle Kit code

for (GuidSet::const_iterator itr = m_vehicles[team].begin(); itr != m_vehicles[team].end(); ++itr)
if (Unit* unit = ObjectAccessor::FindUnit((itr)))
if (Creature
creature = unit->ToCreature())
if (creature->IsVehicle())


The red one i an error, how can i fix that ?

that’s quite the pile of nested ifs

Check this !

I have a feeling you didnt include something you need, like Vehicle.h or something.

The code looks fine to me, not that I tested.

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All I said was “You won’t get much help with a title like ‘Crappy Core’”. That didn’t need to be censored.

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I don’t know what happened. I renamed the topic to a semi-proper title and hided (not deleted) the posts that were referring to the old title.

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