OnQuestComplete CreatureScript and other not implemented ?


I was wondering why some CreatureScript aren’t implemented (or I just missed them) like OnQuestComplete, OnQuestSelect.

Do I missed them ? Or is there any reasons to not use it ?

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Sgt Fatality

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Youps, sorry for the mistake.

Some hooks were added, but, never implemented because no one bothered to write (or rewrite) a script in the official repo that uses them, so, if someone writes a script that will use them, he must open a request on the issue tracker (unless he is a dev and can add it himself) for it to be implemented.

It shouldn’t be this way, but, you are talking about an open source project where no one is paid to do anything, so, sometimes they do the least possible…

All right ! No problem for me, I know this is an open source project and I know that no one is paid to do anything, there is already a great job done by the team and the community ! This is why I like open source projects.

Thanks for your answer,