OnQuestComplete not working ?


class OnEvents : public PlayerScript



OnEvents() : PlayerScript("OnEvents") {}

bool OnQuestComplete(Player* pPlayer, Creature* pCreature, Quest const* pQuest)


			if (pQuest->GetQuestId() == 812200)


				if(pCreature->GetEntry() == 809504)





			return true;



void AddSC_onevents()


new OnEvents();


Whats goin on ?

Did you properly add “AddSC_onevents()” to ScriptLoader.cpp? If you don’t, that’s just some floating code around, as your script will never be added. Refer to this link to find more info on how you can add a custom script to TC scripts.

EDIT: need sleep. That’s a player script and OnQuestComplete belongs to CreatureScript structure.

lolz , its not that man.

its a problem with the function itself

also OnQuestReward not working /emoticons/default_sad.png

There is no such hook in PlayerScript.

CreatureScript has these hooks…

ah so i have to add these hooks manually ? or use CreatureScript ?

No point in creating another hooks. Just use a CreatureScript.